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published4 months ago
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You Can’t Afford To Not Be in the Cloud

Consider the following story:

“I went into my CEO’s office. Our CEO is a very driven, technical, hands-on CEO. All technical decisions have to go through him before the company goes forward with a plan. Today, the discussion was about the cloud. The problem? The CEO said we couldn’t move our application to the cloud because it was too expensive. His evidence? ‘If you compare the cost-per-hour of a cloud-based server instance to the monthly costs we pay for our servers, the cloud-based servers are just too expensive.’ Our CEO just doesn’t get the cloud.”

Does this sound eerily familiar? Disturbingly, it does to all too many people. The story reflects many companies' mindsets about cloud migration.

But the Real Cloud Finance Story is a lot more complicated, and the results mostly point to the cloud is a way to save infrastructure costs, especially as you start thinking about capital expenses vs cost of good sold. It's not only less money, but cheaper money.

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What about security?

Only a few short years ago, security was the major obstacle blocking greater migration to the cloud. While we’ve largely addressed these early cloud migration security concerns, we now face new cloud and application security challenges.

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