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Is a ☁️Cloud Center of Excellence 🏫📚Right for your Organization?🤔🙋🏻‍♀️

published7 months ago
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Is a Cloud Center of Excellence Right for your Organization?

Virtually all sizable organizations have a need to understand how the cloud and cloud computing impacts their organizational IT needs, to say nothing about impacting the overall culture and direction of your organization as a whole.

If you work in enterprise IT, you are at the heart of this struggle, and finding your way around organizationally in this cloud-centric world can be a challenge.

May I suggest looking into the benefits of building a Cloud Center of Excellence (CCoE) in your organization? A CCoE can be a key component to successful cloud adoption, management, and optimization.

What is a CCoE? A CCoE is an internal, centralized group that provides best practice guidance across IT while incorporating stakeholder input from across the business.

Are you interested in learning more about CCoEs? Checkout my newly published course on LinkedIn Learning, Creating and Leveraging a Cloud Center of Excellence in Your Organization.

This course will give you practical, useful advice for determining if a CCoE can benefit your organization, as well as how to create and leverage a CCoE. And the best part? It’s short! It won’t take much of your time, less than an hour total.

Need more CCoE Material?

Check out these articles from my column in InfoWorld:

These should give you plenty of reading on CCoEs and how they can help your organization grow and mature in your organization’s cloud journey.

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