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published5 months ago
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DevOps has now gone mainstream. If you and your organization aren’t using DevOps principles, you are at a distinct disadvantage compared to your competition. And, “doing DevOps” does not mean simply “hiring a DevOps team”—there’s much more to it than that.

My guest for the latest episode of the Modern Digital Business podcast is Mitch Ashley, CTO of Techstrong Group. Techstrong is the publishers of and other publications. In this episode, Mitch and I talk about the value of DevOps and how it fits into the structure of a modern digital application.

Modular Blockchain Architecture with Nader Dabit—Software Engineering Daily

Listen to Software Engineering Daily, hosted by Lee Atchison

My guest is Nader Dabit, Developer Relations at Celestia and an expert in block chain technology.

Web infrastructure has evolved from individual servers to shared hosting services to virtual machines and virtual functions. The future of the internet however is looking toward a much more distributed computation model . Blockchain technology is central to the future of this modern internet . Blockchains are still in their infancy. And the most people blockchains are intimately tied to crypto currencies . But the use of blockchain is substantially larger than that of crypto. Auctions provide a model for distributed computation that allows no centralized ownership and no centralized control of large scale applications. Celestia is developing blockchain technology that enables these modern distributed applications.

What cloud native means for your business—InfoWorld

From manufacturing to transportation to retail, companies across virtually every industry are supporting their digital transformations by moving to a cloud-based infrastructure. The shift from on-premises software to cloud services has been revolutionary to the process of application development and deployment, especially software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. But using the cloud often isn’t enough. You need to leverage cloud-native applications to benefit from the improved agility, availability, scalability, and overall performance they provide.

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